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At first it was the farm

Jamie and I have been embarking on the adventure of starting a family farm for 5 years now. We have set up a room so that we can prepare the pieces of meat on site and then transform them into ready-to-cook products.

The herd

Our herd (750 heads) is made up of 2 profilic breeds, pure breeds, namely the Romanovs and the Arcott Rideau. These ewes are crossed with beef breeds (Dorset & Hampshire) to ensure a good ratio per litter, and a good quality of flesh.

Made with local foods

The food we use for our recipes and processed dishes are fresh and from local producers. We are proud to be part of the Aliments Québec family that encourages Quebecers to eat local.


The lambs come from our farm and from producer partners in Quebec. We also have feedlots at several sites in order to increase the quantities available.

The Quebec market

As the heavy lamb market is regulated, it is necessary to have a Buyer's Permit in order to be able to purchase and distribute it. Even the lamb from our farm has to go through the Heavy Lamb Agency (UPA) in order to be marketed.


Corn silage, hay and wet grains from breweries and microbreweries (Unibroue, sage) allow an optimization of the animal's growth (good average daily gain), without having a surplus of fat accumulated at the dorsal level.

The protein and fiber levels are balanced according to the cycle in which the ewe and the lamb are, not all of them eating the same rations.

Agneau Brassicole

We are the bearers of a new Reserved Designation project aimed at the use of brewery grains, which is called l'Agneau Brassicole.

The appellation is currently in Part I of the CARTV, we are working in collaboration with a collective of 10 farms and LAVAL University who have agreed to embark with us!
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