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À la canne blanche

À la canne blanche

Maryse and Daniel studied massage therapy and law. Like many people, they have never practiced their profession. As they both have visual impairments, opportunities are rare, but life goes on.

As their children grew up, they moved out of the family house one after the other. The pace of life slowed down and Maryse soon felt the emptiness. To overcome this situation, her daughter brought her two ducks and six chickens to keep her busy.

In a short time, her love for ducks grew. The chickens left and Maryse felt ready to take care of more animals. She went from 2 to 22 ducks to get used to the animal. The project that was initially hers made its way to Daniel and he decided to dedicate himself to the cause.

The production of duck eggs for sale began in January 2020. The duck farm is well filled and there is no lack of work. The nest is now far from empty. What fills the duo is the great care they give to their birds.

For them, the financial aspect of the business will never be behind the motivation they have every day to go take care of their ducks and harvest their eggs. To feel that they contribute to democratize the place of people with a disability in society is enough and that is the most important.

Indeed, the duck farm could welcome many more birds and the company would be able to open several jobs. But everything has to be done properly and expansion is not an option if it is not thought through.

The couple's dream is to give a chance to those who don't have one. Many young people with disabilities find themselves in default employment situations when their potential is so much greater. It is to these people that Maryse and Daniel want to open their doors to in the future. At least, that is the vision they cherish.

À la Canne Blanche eggs have been available in our store for quite some time and we incorporate them into some of our fresh pasta recipes. More recently, we decided to take this collaboration a step further by launching a co-branded product with them. What if I told you about a quiche made with duck eggs, lamb and cream? Hard to go wrong, isn't it?

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